Friday, May 15, 2009

OH... SHIp

I am nervous... nervous as all get out that my legs aren't strong enough, that my ankle will kick in, that I will swallow a gallon of water... that I will just take forever that they give me the grace nod and say, "it is okay princess... you tried your best." Tomorrow is my first half-iron distance race.. down in ol' Taylorsville.

I had the best luck in the world yesterday... the best! When I was asking around for where to buy some tubes (just in case) I was mentioned this little bike store right around the corner from my work... I have ran many many miles past this store, even drove by it more, and had no idea it was there.. but alas... it is and I will be back.. Judi's boo Dominic works there too.. which made me totally pumped and comfortable to know I have a local bike shop I can be a regular at that isn't over 45 mins away. The store.. Bikes and More.. right on Glenmore off Montana, and BAM is right there :)

However, after leaving, knowing I have my tubes in hand, I knew I am one day closer to this half ordeal...

Tomorrow.. forecast shamcast... looks kinda gloom, but I am hoping for a Finishing race.. that is all.. a FINISH. I took a look at the bike route... ha, fear in my bones... have I rode enough hills? take a look.

Yeah... Look at those climbs and drops... on my god.. is that a little bundle of fun right there in the middle and there at the last portion... oh Joy!

However, I did get a spiffy, make me look fast singlet... I am a dork and actually wore it around the house for the night.. just to get the feel for it..

I am headed down with a teammate of mine, Jon... Jon is anticipating being finished in about 4.5-5 hours... I warned him to bring a couple of books to read while he is finished bc I won't be that fast... just aim to finish! :)

Then to top it all off, I have Kristen K. Daily's bachlorette party and friend shower.. :) Yeah. I won't be worth a pile of poo, but it will be fun for her.. I hope.

Good luck to all those racing at Tri For Joe Sunday :) You will be cold, but you will be fast :)

Cheers friends... Cheers with little ring on big hills:)


Amanda said...

Good luck, girl! You'll be great, I'm sure :)

Judi said...

good luck! have a blast!! and YAY for finding BAM! they have been good to me. and dominic is a good mechanic.

Mary Sunshine said...

You look strong and ready to go!

Kick it! Have fun!!

I'll be thinking of you all day.

Irish Angel17 said...

May the Irish Angels be with you and protect you now and always. Good Luck on your Half Ironman. I know you will do well. Good Luck. Stay safe. Have fun. An old Irish Blessing May the raindrops not fall on your head but blessing pour over you always. God Bless.
Irish Angel