Sunday, April 26, 2009

Here we go...

This weekend in the good ol' Natti, we broke 80 degrees... It was and is hot... I mean hotter than it has been here, and I am thankful for the sun! It feels good, and is refreshing that there really is a spring and summer ahead... Saturday morning came... I was restless all Friday night, turning and tossing, couldn't get a good night sleep, and before I knew it my 5:00 am alarm went off.. I ate my yummy oatmeal, my egg beaters, and swished back a couple head meds just to prevent a headache... I loaded up my bag and sat on the porch.. Check out this beautiful sky..
Swimming coach John Book picked me up, and off we went.. The plan was a long route 8 ride out to Augusta and back followed by a short little run... I actually felt pretty good for it being so early... It must be the benefit of being at work by 6 each day finally catching up to me... On the road by quarter til 7 and off we went.. not many travelers, and no bikers to be seen on the way out, I felt comfortable with the cool air.. I had no idea what to expect but to get some good miles in. On our way out, we hit some slow and steady climbs.. these were fun.. Some how I always seem to lose that gust of energy I have, and get lost on these... Make up some time playing catch up, then little climb and I'm in the dust again. Work needs to be done to strengthen this aspect of my ride.. I had a little coach in my head (even though she wasn't there with me) saying practice eating.. solid at the top of the hour, gel at the half... and I did this.. really well I thought, and it felt pretty good.

In Augusta just shy of 2 hours later, John and I made a quick bathroom stop, and back in we would come. We saw some dead goats, first sights of other bikers just starting there day, and even a sign that we both laughed that said "NUDE BEACH CLOSED" A negative split back we made it to the car under 1:44. not too shabby considering the death head wind we had. Quick out and back run, and we were on our way home. total milage 68.9. all before 12pm.

My half iron distance is quickly approaching, and the fear is within the bike portion.. it is stated to be prettttty hilly. nice. really.


check it out....

$5200 dollars . GOAL .. MET... going for more :)

Looking forward to the future week.. cheers my friends.


Amanda said...

Nice ride! And way to hit your goal already! Sweeeet!

Mary Sunshine said...

Awesome job, Jess! Your are in great shape!! All your winter training and planning will pay off!

Hope to see you soon. Wanna ride Sunday afternoon Post-Pig? We could do some nice long but not terribly steep hills off the bike trail... You don't have to do them fast, but you DO have to do them.

Big hugs!


Lora said...

Congrats on meeting your goal. That's just completely awesome!

Emily said...

Jess your so sweet! I'm so glad you came to the wedding.

I'm so proud of you meeting your goal! Keep it up girl!

Mary Sunshine said...

Jess, Wishing you a wonderful HalfIron this weekend. I'd give anything to be able to be there but Jo is playing in West Virginia and at NKU over the weekend and my place is with her.

Can't wait to hear your report!

Big Hugs,