Thursday, March 5, 2009

10 Happenings ...

It has been too long, and too much as happend...

This will be a list of ten most important happenings, and in no particular order..

1. The Downtown Dayton Indoor Tri was a great success for the first time putting it on. Arriving for my 11:00 am wave, I didn't know really want to expect... There was body marking, designated transition times, and we even got our own lane... I was number 19! It was fun to feel the ink, as crazy as that is, to know my tri season has began for the year... even if it it was an indoor tri..

My super fan, Ryan, who found this short race due to the fact that it was at his gym, was there to cheer me on, even though there was no where to sit, and there was the awkwardness, of now what do I do... Thanks to his texting abilities, I hope it wasn't too boring... It was delightful to teach him what the IMKY will entail.. like most people, they just can't put their finger on why I would want to do this to myself..
2. I did place 3rd in the women over all, traveling 12,523 yards. I didn't want push myself too fast too soon.. and get hurt... even though I really wanted to go all out on the 15 min. treadmill run.. I had been running up to 6.4.. after not running much more over 10 mins I was excited to just set my treadmill at 7.1 and get what I could done. Without any pain, and icing that night, I was happy how I felt. I do get a medal and a couple cliff bars... with a nice white hoodie sweat shirt too... Made the travel up 75 all that much more fun! Especially to be that girl in gymshoes at a local bar spot! :)

3. I celebrated my great grandpa's 93'rd birthday. Grandpa Roy still has the whit, and conversation like I remembered all along. He did ask me, what are you thinking, and are you crazy when I was telling him my future race plans. Like usual, he did ask about my schooling, and work, and I can't wait for the day to tell him that I will be getting my doctorate. He did request that I try to get married before he turns 100!

4. Too cute, and when I asked if there were any nice looking ladies at his new place he is living, he stated, "Nope, they are either too old, or too poor.. too old, older than me.. or too poor because they have been there longer than me."

I am privaledged and blessed to have LONG
LONG ages on my Mom's side of the Family. Here we are, first my Great Grandpa, and my Grandpa, and then my Great Grandpa, Grandma (his daughter) My Mom, then Me. Four generations, and three daughters :) I love family times.

5. I was cleared from Physical Therapy, to remain on watch to make sure I do okay. There really isn't any pain in my achilles... knocking on everything wood around me, however I decided to try it out on a spinning bike. Haven't put my bike back on the trainer since my fundraiser. Little scared, however I did get re-fitted, and I have a new saddle. The best bike fitters I know, at least personally know, and I can call whenever about any problem, Bob at Wheelie Fun is the man. He get's his sutff done, and does more. I felt a lot better on my Boyfriend after I left.. so let's just hope I don't want to break up with him before long.

6. I have set a new date for INDOOR 2 HOUR RIDING CHALLENGE! The last one was such an amazing success, and I moved the dates for those wanting to participate in the Mini Heart, or those that want to particpate in the Lifetime Fitness Indoor Triathlon. I will be walking the Mini Heart 5k on March 29th with two of my clients, Sue and Lynn, and then Maybe volunteering or particpating in the indoor tri on the the 15th. I am hoping to get at least 50 riders to the challenge to gruel it out! Tell one, tell all. I do have 18 spinning bikes available for first come first serve!

7. I was interviewed by Fox 19, Rob Williams about my fundraising efforts for Girls on the Run. This is supposed to air on Monday.. at 6, 8, and 10! That is right... I hope my message is being heard and supported by more and more friends across the miles.. Here are a couple pictures my wonderful coworker took during my filming.

8. During this interview I happen to sing my Finding Nemo song, Keep On Swimming. If it is my luck, this will be the one part shown to air.. :)
Other than saying Lake Michigan has bridges? (no idea??) I think I did okay.. We will see on Monday! :)

9. Bad news.. my bank account and your's trully is a victim of Fraud... kinda scary... but luckily, 53'rd was on top of it and noticed it right away.. The guy was very easy to talk to on the phone, but it is still bone chilling to hear after several thousand dollars of charges... "Miss Leonard, I am sorry to tell you, but you are a victim of Fraud."
10. It is the weekend! I plan to get 200 letters out Sunday for my fundraising efforts, and.. most importantly!! Friends are coming down, up, and around to celebrate Ginger Fest for Adam! It should be a great time... especially considering I will have the house all to myself.. plus a couple guys, Saturday night :) Hope all is well.. and see you on the flip side. Cheers :)


Kim said...

jess - you are a rockstar! way to kill it at the indoor tri :)
oh, and yes the Time Trial was an indoor race - there were about 10-15 heats with 10-16 riders per heat. you are hooked up to a Computrainer and you stare at the big screen in front of you - changing your gears depending on the elevation/terrain - very difficult - all out for a 10k!