Sunday, February 22, 2009

What a Wonderful World..

I see trees of green.. red roses tooI see em bloom. for me and for you ...And I think to myself..what a wonderful world..I see skies of blue..clouds of white..Bright blessed days.dark sacred nights..And I think to myself ..what a wonderful world...The colors of a pretty the skyAre also on the faces..of people .going by..I see friends shaking hands..sayin.. how do you do..They're really sayin..i love you..I hear babies cry..I watch them grow..They'll learn much more. than Ill never know And I think to myself ..what a wonderful world(instrumental break)..The colors of a pretty the sky..Are there on the faces. of people ..going byI see friends shaking hands..sayin. how do you do..They're really sayin...*spoken*(I hear babies cry..I watch them grow*spoken*(you know their gonna learn..A whole lot more than Ill never know)And I think to myself ...what a wonderful world...Yes I think to myself

Last night with friends of all different walks of life, we gathered for a gift gathering party to celebrate one common bond.. Seton High School.. This school was where I went to high school, and it feels like moons ago when I walked the halls.. thinking about practice, and homework, were the only two of my worries, and didn't think much more than if I was going to be able to go to the Elder game that Friday... As many friends and family know, I didn't get to many Elder games, but even more than those games, my friendships made would be for a lifetime. I was excited to donate my gift, and know it will be supporting girls for tuition assistance and scholarship program, much like I was gratefully given years ago. Continuing on my volunteering fun, I hope I can volunteer at this great event and see more to come for the Seton Saints..... ahhhh.. S.. S.. S.. E ..T... T..T...T..O..N.. S..E..T..T.O..N.. .. LET'S GO SAINTS!


Patricio said...

Hi, just found your blog googling Ironman Louisville 09 - was looking for fellow bloggers/triathletes who are doing the same race I am as well (first IM for me)
Good luck with training... I'll be checking your blog to see your progress.

Jacob Brickman said...

I just saw you following me. I can't wait for IMKentucky! It's gonna be great. I love your blog...much better than mine. I'll keep checking up with your progress.
Have fun

L. said...

JESS! Where are you? I hope all is well.