Monday, January 19, 2009

Wow of a weekend!

This weekend was jammed.. I mean jammed pack, but for nothing else, I am posting in between clients. Saturday was amazing!! Simply amazing to learn about all the fun things that the Girls On the Run organization actually does, and to be a part of such an incredible, life moving and touching experience is bone chilling to me... I did hand out many fliers, so let's hope a ball starts to roll with my fund raising goals...

Following this, went with KKD and saw Bride Wars.. Cute.. very very cute.. and it got us both, especially her, in the mood for her wedding... We discussed her bachelorette party.. which we are going to try to have fall on the night after my half IM distance race... crazy!!

Then yesterday... I knew it was coming.. the dreaded 12-13 mile run.. and being there is still ice everywhere, and coldness.. I thought why not pack everything and head up to the gym.. Yes I did it.. on that darn treadmill... My amazing multi-talented father made me a stand to watch dvds on.. it was great.. I just need to find longer head phones... but I happen to drop some time.. and my first 7.5 miles were under an hour... not to shabby for this gal.. and then the ending 5.5 were drilled home watching the 07 IM KY... Talk about inspiration and motivation!! and I did it!

Some exciting news is on FEBRUARY 8th, 2009... I will be hosting a "bring your trainer" day... cost is $10.00 dollars, and I will be hosting this at Mercy Health Plex. All proceeds will go to those lovely ladies of GOTR, and I will gladly accept additional donations. I am looking forward to a good turn out, and those coming are suggested to email me, or post if they are coming to allow for enough drinks and such afterwards. Any questions, let me know!

Looking forward to another busy week in the gym! But who-ray for 13 miles!


Dusty said...

Beer? :)

~Jess~ said...

Yes... just like my ironman icecream :)

Prob. some great gatorade or what not :)

Are you coming!!?!?