Friday, January 2, 2009


I just got home from a cold, chilly, very dark, but amazing Friday Night Line Run. I left my house around 6:30 and planned out to run my 5-6 miles.. if I go more, okay..If I don't stop.. Even Better.

There are a couple things I loved about running on a Friday night more so than during the day...

1. NO ONE CAN SEE ME! yes this can be a dangerous thing, and next time I promise I will wear reflectors, but when my fav run faster, be stronger songs came on... I COULD REALLY DANCE when I was running! haha, I laughed because when I did get stopped at lights (and there were no cars) some people might have thought I was that girl with a mental problem jammin' away.
2. It was cold, and my lungs felt fresh... I just kept thinking one more step, one more mile.. one more hill... I love the smell of cold and sweat... gross, but reminds me of my dad!
3. I could mismatch again! (back to #1.. no one can see me :) ) I didn't.. but I thought about it during the run.
4. It makes me pick up my feet, because I can't see the pavement, I can't see what is ahead of me. Again Dangerous, un-safe, but I ran the tallest I have in a long time because I was forced to pick up my feet and pull those legs up!
5. On Glenway, when people can see me.. lots of cars, and lots of lights, especially on a Friday night.. I ran like the wind... it is like my main-street stretch before coming home. Always has been this way for the many years of running this route... just feels good to be a little stronger.

All these make running at night fun!

Then to make it even more laughable.. I found this video on Youtube... haha.. it's just good for a laugh.... some parts are true.. except for the fun I had tonight..and instead of his man-boobs, I say I run for no jiggalie body at the pool during the summer months ahead or at best friend's wedding :)


Mary Sunshine said...

Hi Jess,

Happy New Year!

I've got something for your boyfriend that I hope will help.