Monday, December 15, 2008

Supporters that I didn't know of.. until today!

Today was going to be a long day at work...knowing my first team of clients start at 6 amand my last would be at 7:30p.m., I knew it was going to be a long long day... During days like this.. I love that I stay busy.... and I am grateful for having the access of a gym facility of my work.. and I can do all three avenues of my sport in one day if I wanted to... no matter rain, snow, ice, or heat!

Today was great! I knew I was going to have a break from 7:00 until 10:00... BIG, BEAUTIFUL BREAK! I was determined to get an hour and half on the spinner, and at least 4-5 miles on the treadmill.. or the dead mill... For the spinning bike, it is placed right on the inside of our track, and many... if not ALL of our morning comers are track walkers.... I planed my water bottle spot (on the top of a balance mat.. which was on top of the garbage can right in front of me), a large towel for my down pour of sweat.. and I even brought my shoes, and a Power Bar for my 30 min timed food intake..

I was into my ride no more than 15 minutes when I received my first pack on the back.. I didn't have a clue if they said anything because of my music pumping, and then another member patted my sweaty, gross, strong back.. and another one, and another... Every lap a new person kept encouraging my little spinning bike ride.. and it was just a warm feeling.. aside from the sweat that was a down pour around me.. Within the last 30 minutes over the hour, I had one of my favorite brother duo cheering IRONMAN..IRONMAN. IRONMAN..I almost teared up.. they were so cute turning their towels in the air... Then, one of my other favorite members offered to fill up my water battle... It was just a great feeling to have their support..

As I approached the deadmill, for the first time in a long time, these miles flew.. really! I don't know if it was the constant little cheer, or smile.. but they did..

Many times throughout our journey.. all of us that make this journey for the Ironman, that many people don't know how much time, or dedication it really takes... and it was an amazing feeling to know that I do have supporters I didn't even know of.. until today :)


Anonymous said...
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Mary Sunshine said...


You absolutely enchant every person that you meet....people cannot help but support you!

GREAT JOB on your training. Even greater that you realize and enjoy the journey!

Big Hugs,


ps. I put the word out to Holly about joining us for a possible trainer session this weekend....