Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snowing!! Not Inside on the Trainer... 2 hour ride.. Take 2!

Note... Snow on ground.. means 2 hour trainer ride.. :)

Today Mary Mary (as she is in my phone) picked me up for a 2 hour indoor trainer ride.. endurance ride... we went up to the University of Cincinnati Biomechanics Lab... I had really no fears in this, for I know the first time I did my first two hours on the trainer, then by my theory, if I did it once, I could do it again.

Now I know that this wasn't going to be the same set up as it was in our front room, but when we got up to the Lab, there were 3 bikes already set up, with wires and such coming from them, and then there was room for Mary and My bike. There were to be five us riding next to each other, and side by side we were... Here is what it looks like before we got on :)

I just had a little chuckel noticing how far away Mary's bike is from my bike.... ha! I don't know if this is incase we have a little spill again (I doubt this will ever happen), or I just stunk like poo this morning.. I hope it is not the later...

As we got started, I had my jams beating... I love music... I think I want to find someway to make a radio in the air when I am riding those long 112 miles on Race day... anyway... off we went... :) of course there is a picture of myself, and two new friends to my left.. we were honored with a video clip of the Tour de France..... Dr. Bruce Jayne was the man of knowledge.. he is the guy in highlighter Yellow.. playing with his Power Tap..

The ride was okay today... not really sweat drenched hard, (as I am learning they don't need to be .. all the time :) ) not boring, just okay. I don't know if my legs are actually get used to the time on the trainer of I just felt more comfortable today than earlier this week.

Mary said a very interesting thing today... If she knows someone will be in the room watching her, or just knows she is in there.. she will do the work... I believe this to be true, which is why I am grateful for her picking up me up today... I also keep checking my wrist... I WILL [insert.. not get off this bike] I WILL [insert.. be strong.. love long lean legs of those Tour de France bikers... will mine ever look anything like that?] I WILL [insert.. stay on just 30 more minutes until the 2 hour mark.. keep going].

Cooolio stuff though.. as we were leaving, Dr. Jayne mentioned us coming back and me checking out the Power Tap world and getting my Vo2 max test...Mary would check her's out again.. (and kick mine out of the water).. but since I have never done either, I want to check it out... I love learning this kind of stuff..

all in all it was a great day, ended with a yummy brunch... and done before 3 none the less :) here is a video of what Mary and I like to do on our close of every training ride..
Every Rose has It's Thorn :) . it is starting to be a tradition, and you know how much I love traditions.. if there is any chance for women bikers turn pop culture singers.. i think we might be the first in line :)

until next time :)


Anonymous said...

ha ha Jess im not gonna lie I like checking your blog! Pumps me up and Im not even doing the marathon but Love your song in video! Keep Workin hard girl!

~Jess~ said...

I'm not sure who said this... but thank you! Thank you ! Thank you! Who is this? Please post with name :)

Mary Sunshine said...

Hi Jess,

Thanks for another really fun session Sunday! You are the trainer QUEEN!!!