Friday, December 5, 2008


Check out this amazing quote!
"This one step - choosing a goal and staying to it - changes everything."- Scott Reed

Today was a great day... I went to work for a short day, went to dinner with my mom at Rock Bottom, then saw STOMP... it was a great.. beat filled show.. I just kept thinking about cadence during the show... isn't that funny? and how I could just transfer this to the road..

This picture was from the Cincinnati Winter GOTR 5k .

Hey Aunt Wendy :o) and all you San Diego Firefighter Guys and Gals... there I AM! per your request for more pictures :) you can't see from here but my right hand was covered in a myriad of different paint colors from the Face Painting. These other girls were also volunteering at the awesome Entertainment booth!!

This week I can proudly say I have been on my bike trainer four times!! That is not including this past Sunday either... all different times from just a quick hard and fast 30 minutes, to two hours.... Travis (my youngest brother) came in the other day screaming.. GO GO GO!! He laughed at two facts 1) His feet can't reach the pedals.. and 2) He doesn't know how I sit on my tiny seat of my boyfriend.... little does he know!

I am determined on Sunday to make some inspirational papers to place around the room to keep me on track... first one being a countdown!! :)

Tomorrow, I have the GIRLS ON THE RUN Coaches Clinic, not sure what I will be doing the next year, but thought to check it out, being I want to volunteer more, and find out how.

Sunday, 2 hour trainer ride with Mary up at UC! Giddy up folks, giddy up!