Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I love this time of year.. really... people...for the most part.. are usually just nicer...and friendlier..
More are Thankful for the little things... like holding a door, or letting someone use the drinking fountain first.... or simply going to the lower one so they don't have to bend over as much..

Giving.. giving up time during swim practice to tell me I am like a sumo wrestler trying to do yoga.. or something like that :) but honestly having the heart filled with character and passion for a sport to help me with my weakness.. swimming...

Swimming last night was better... I am sure tonight will be lots.. LOTS more intense, but it was fun to just focus on the little things, and try to stay calmer... let's hope I keep improving :)

As far as the rest of the week.. Thanksgiving Day.. ( I hope) Race tomorrow... just going to jam on my I-Pod, see friends, and have fun.. not really worry about my time...

And then the Leonard Thanksgiving... has been Years since we have been home for this... and hopefully everyone will love my Christmas Present idea..
Will check in later..

:) Gobble Gobble


Anonymous said...

Yeah I made your blog!haha Good Luck with all of your training Jess, you will do AMAZING! Ill be thinking about you and cheering you on teh whole journey! Best of Luck