Saturday, November 15, 2008

GRE, Verbal section is worse than a flat tire on a bike ride... least you know you can get yourself out of the flat and continue on....


Every day we use language to communicate, talk amongst people, listen to others communicate, and even read words filled with 'verbal' on tv, magazines, and in the news... or shall I say periodicals. However, according the ETS, Education Testing Services, my verbal is horrible.

I took the GRE again, and my score did increase, actually the highest it has been to date, but I am still not where I need, NEED it to be for graduate school. I know now, deep down, what it feels like to be tested over and over to obtain a dream... But as this is a struggle, I have learned that like all great things... IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!

It is rainy, cold actually, and mood is of "Ho-hum and a bottle of Rum." Maybe some coconut Malibu Rum, and some pineapple orange juice..mmm. memories of Destin... oh sunny, warm, beach Destin..

Back to Reality... I will ref some vball games, make some quick cash, and start making my invitations for my purse party: DECEMBER 13th!

Things will get better... They will, it has in the past.. and it will again!


Mary Sunshine said...

Don't give up on your dream. You are gifted in so many ways and I'm sure you will find out how to show the forces that be how much you deserve to be in this program...or I could send Rocco to break their legs?

Tomorrow's weather doesn't look so good either. I would call you but since I lost my phone, I lost your phone number...

please can you email me?

LKA said...

I don't know you that well, but it sounds like you have the heart of a perseverer and giving up is just not in your nature.

I mean, you are a triathlete with IM intentions afterall...:)

Amit Aggarwal said...

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