Saturday, November 29, 2008

FINS!! ... Dolphin Kicks, and a little yack.

So Friday was the inevitable... I blocked out my morning so I could get to swim practice on time, and be there for the two hours and was very excited this time. Not that I haven't been in the past, but for some reason, on this particular Friday, I, Jessica Leonard, was excited to swim.

We started with our usual warm up, and YEAH.. we got to use our fins!!!!! However, the 10 x 100 dolphin kicks on our backs, each followed by a 25 under water swim, and 25 free... GOT ME! It was around number 7 or 8, that I was starting to get the shivers, then the really weird chills, then the metal taste, then I could get out of the pool fast enough, then I did, and fins came off, and off I went to the locker room, and blah of a yack... I haven't gotten sick from a workout in my life, but the combo of the two gatorades, and the power gels got me. I knew I didn't eat enough for breakfast, but I really thought I would be okay. Practice ended early for me, and I said enough was enough. I had horrible chills, and headed back to work for the rest of the day.

First night in a long time I was in bed before 9, but it felt good. This morning I had a little 3 mile jog, and by goly it felt as if I was going for 30.
Tomorrow is my first day on the trainer inside... It is supposed to rain followed by snow, or a combo of the two, and Mary is coming over to keep me, and me keep her accountable. I have made a wide range of song play list, that hopefully is to her liking, and it should be fun to stay inside... however, something about 2 hour spin kinda scares me and the land of the Netherlands. haha, my boyfriend better be nice to me during that long journey.
Signing off to study some more GRE words...or just fall asleep.. which ever comes first :)


Mary Sunshine said...

80's Hair Metal!

Kevin Wright said...


I love your blog. I hope to get mine up and running soon. Can't wait for those long bike rides together. Let me know when you guys are heading back down to Louisville for a training ride.