Thursday, May 12, 2011

some times you are the lemon, sometimes you are the vodka ..

We all remember that phrase when life hands you a lemon, make yourself some lemonade.... I am going to change that.. when life hands you a lemon, grab some vodka and make it a party....
Saturday was our Girls on The Run 5k... and every time i get ready to coach another season.. I get to this race...I am speechless of the amount of girls that we have involved in this program (938 this spring) and how many are in thanksgiving for their scholarship (508 this spring)..
I decided to take it up a notch that day and challenge all clients to a set 5k time...if they beat it..they would get a free session...:). Sounded like a win win win situation to me..:) win 1.. the girls benefit..2.. they get outside to run...3. They could get personal training for free..
I'll have to be honest... if I reach my $20,000 goal. I will wear Tutu during Ironman Louisville:) and to be bias and say we all did great...

Hipp Hipp horray for GOTR Ironman Louisville Solemates Karen Martin :) after our first run we went on a 8 mile run with Karen... she is sweet, soft spoken, humble and kind !! She has about 100000 questions about the Ironman, much like I did. And I am grateful and honored to help either... I often say it, but she reminds me of me two years ago :).. I cannot wait to see how awesome she does.

We finished with a swim.. this is where I am getting frustrated... I am swimming longer and well... but this beautiful mother Earth is killing my open water swims .. Ceasers Creek is flooded up to past the shelter:(:( so pool swim again..

You would think I learned my lesson in cramping..but nope I haven't... I cramped from my toes to my hip.. like ET style... and my swim was done...

Saturday night was Scott Lane's I am ready ride fundraiser...I need to look more into this... but the event gave me ideas !

Sunday, Karen and I met for bike ride on Rt.8... I love the feeling of my new fit !! I have to say those guys at bikes and more are treating me like a queen... and I am very excited to have their support :) they are honest, available, open to questions, and well vote for sure :)

the 3 hour ride felt good, a couple great rollers, good climbs, and good chat :) I feel ready for Saturday:)

I can sit back and think of the many times I wish I went longer,harder, probably smarter too, but I am starting to look at the big picture here... it's all about the journey... and finding some friends with vodka when you have handfuls of lemons...
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