Thursday, September 2, 2010

How can you not get hooked, lined, and SUCKERED in to RACE..

Sunday.. 1 year from the day that I stepped up to the plate to race my first Ironman. It was mixed emotions to go down and be a part of this wonderful journey for this year's athletes..
Upon getting to my host house on Saturday, I decided to turn off and drive some of the La Grange loop.. Why is it feel so short and so flat an smooth when we are in a car.. I saw a couple workers putting some baracades for that incredible crowd, and saw the community already starting to place signs along the road.. at this moment, I started to tear up a little bit.. I know crazy, right?!? But it was at that time, I had that race of emotions that said "Jessica.. it is time for you to step up .. do this thing again.. you are NOT done!" I left here and went over to the Ironman Shop that was still open for another hour or so.
Downtown, I couldn't resist that urge to check every person I passed, and those with that Blue Ironman Bracelet.. proudly getting ready to race, and I wish I was part of them :) I stepped into the venue, and without the superstitions of the previous year, I decided to get myself some swag.. I have to say that shtuff is expensive, but worth it.. I finally got that little sticker that says "IRONMAN FINISHER" .
Onword past the transition area madness, and athletes.. everywhere.. there was that part of me that wanted to just put a booth on a corner with a sign over head like a lemonade sale that say "come chat about the Ironman"But instead.. I drove to Erin and Jim's Fitness 19 (the couple whom I will stay with during most of my training.. unless Brother dearest Jake moves), got a quick Crossfit workout in, elipitical ride, then went out to dinner. the morning came soon, and my volunteering shift that started with the swim timing.. it was fabulous to be there on the course.. hear the buggles, and then watch the cannon go. off they went.. I was screaming go go go .. start that watch as i was jumping inside for these athletes..first shift in Blue was done, and I moved on to watch some Bike out... It is amazing how fast these kids go..

All I wanted to yell is you have 112 miles!!! what the heck is the hurry... but I know that feeling of just wanna get going :) Job in blue done... Ran into these two crazy guys.. Bob and Steve who also raced Ironman KY in 2009, and we were discussing (while I failed to watch my turn and bump) about how we are all ready to start this journey again..I met Kristen, Dustin, and Jesse who I also am hoping also committ to this journey :) Then, a long time stranger.. Aamanda Brungs.. I haven't seen probably since I have graduated school, Amanda was a freshmen when I was a senior, and the small incredible world of the Ironman, she told me that watching my brother's video he made me last year, influenced her to go down and volunteer.. HOW kick A$$! So positive that I need to race again.. here we are (again me not watching my bump in the road).... After several hours, I walked over, finished my sandwhich, and decided to watch a little bit of the finish line shoot, before I received my yellow shirt to work the Finish Line.. I took a picture of the medal, because they are different than last year, and I could... WILL use this as motivation.. After several hours, I met Tara from Biggest Loser (sidenote, when I forget out my real camera- not just my phone.. I will get our picture on here) I saw a man do push ups at the finish line, one guy wanted to dance, one guy's wife just had a baby 2 days ago and they were both there.. its so cool telling a stranger., YOU ARE AN IRONMAN TODAY!!

And with that.. My volunteer shfit was over, and i just couldn't wait to sleep... I signed up on Tuesday.. and I hope you all have good coffee... or tea., as this is going to be one exciting journey :)