Thursday, July 16, 2009


So okay.. as we all have bumps and bruises.. and tries and tribulations... this week is turning out to be pretty cool...

Wednesday... I ... Was.... HYPNOTIZED! Yes, Marilyn DeCourcy ( (513.518.5895) hypnotized me for several accounts.. the first thing I always get is..."WHY?"

To refresh your memory.. I have two huge things ahead of me. first and foremost right smack in front of me is the IRONMAN.. the second is this life dream to go to Physical Therapy school. I wanted to talk to her about my anxiety I have for both, and see what happens...

WOW~ really... outlook on everything has totally changed... now I do understand it could be a change of thought process, but I think I can do it.. both the Ironman, and the GRE..I have an unusual state of calm feelings.. . I would highly... highly recommend this for anyone with those crazy anxiety feelings they have about a race like this.. but then maybe again it is just me that goes through these feelings... check out her place, Elemental... and let her know I sent you :)

THEN.. oh yes... this bad boy arrived today!!!

MY BIKE SPEAKER... I am sooo giddy about this... yeah I know.. is it legal? ha.. not too sure it has been outlawed like the head phones.. but I will be testing it this weekend during my 100 mile ride with John Sunday... it gets loud too :)

Then.. I won some new shoes on ebay for 60 bucks cheaper than retailed... hey.. when I wear a 12.. I do get the new ones where I can....even if it is on Ebay:) Here those bad boys are.. Judi Calls them, or ones like them.. shoes on steroids :) I hope they make me get across that line..

Ahh.. just one of those okay... let's do this week!

Just a couple other things to figure out..

1. Salt tablets, and mastering the little kinks on my bike..
2. Getting and practicing with my aero bottle bracket..
3. Do I wear a speed Suit??
4. What to put in my differnt bags... Swim, bike, run, and special needs... yes, I am starting to think about this..
5. Schedule the GRE ..
6. and just a closer place to swim a long, long swim Saturday..

45 days.. ready.. or not..