Sunday, March 8, 2009

If Only....

There are countless times we, especially Me, say If Only..

For instance:
- If Only... my computer speakers would work.. and I could hear this song !
- If Only ... I would have stretched 5 more minutes... would my achilles and surrounding ligaments be where they are???
-If Only.. .I would have really fancy shancy job that I could have 8-5, or even 9-4 hours, so I could train more normally.. is there a normal??
- If Only.. I didn't have the rest of my student loans to pay for... I would live in a cute little house.. maybe something like this house ..check it out... it says TWO walk in closets in the master bedroom...
- If Only... I didn't have a car payment anymore... I would do above first.
- If Only ... I could just spend $600 bucks for Ironman Louiville Training Camp.
- If Only ... I had scored ten points higher on that darn GRE... Savannah .. hmm..
- If Only... I could get my next gadget... a heart rate monitor :) Garmin would be fun :)

- If Only... right?


L. said...

If onlys give us hope, but they can also help us NOT to see the good things already in our lives. If only they weren't such a Catch 22!