Saturday, March 28, 2009

I have the love and support of friends :)

This week I had something just "cool" happen. I was approaced by Eric, a Reebok salesman, for sponsorship. I tried to talk about what my mission is with Girls on the Run, but that didn't matter.. he wanted to know what size shoe, pants, shirt, sports bra, tech shirts.. the works I wear.. and I was a little confused right off the bat... But after informing him, I have a little pronation problem on this little left foot of mine, and I was going to be buying shoes that weekend, he said let's see how you like mine! Here they are!! Ryan even got a pair of sweet kicks... Mine are the green ones, and his the red ones!

I ran in them on Thursday for 6 miles, and I have to say.. I like em.. the truth will be told when I get some more milage, but def. check them out when making some shoe finds!

Then Today after a wonderful catching up breakfast with my Favorite Former Boss, KK, ... I had my second (and maybe last) indoor challenge.... I was very excited about this one after last one not going as nearly as I had planned... forched to use improve music, and had no idea when songs were going to end last time, nor what to do really.. I wanted to improve for returners, and make sure I felt great leaving today..

Even though I didn't have every spinning bike filled, and there weren't as many folks on trainers.. those that were there, were there ready to move and groove! and that is what we did. for two hours... my foot felt great, I was drenched, and my music seemed to be enjoyed by all..

Total Funds :) 400 bucks! in two hours for under 25-30 people! That means YOU riders are awesome!

Thanks to Ruth, Lois, Chuck, Jim, Carol, Beth, Walt, and Rose, for your donations!!! I believe when I enter all the amounts I will be over $2,000!!
After an amazing dinner at PF Changs with "Ry Bread" I am calling it a night...
Tomorrow I will be at the Mini Heart Marathon, walking proudly the 5k with two of my favorie clients.. Sue and Lynn! Goal to finish Ladies.. Goal to finish!


Nikemom said...

Cool-i-o!!! And great job on raising $400.