Saturday, March 14, 2009

Committment when you just wanna have fun!

There comes a time in every endurance (or even non-endurance) athlete's life that you have to consider what you want out of the big picture.. if you just want to finish.. then you can just forget about some workouts here and there and just make sure you don't get hurt. But if deep down you really want to make sure it is .. and was worth the whole journey.. you need to make some sacrifices. I learn this each day, and each day it becomes the usual to say, "I am off to run, or I am off to bike, or the favorite of last week.. I am off to swim."

I realize that we as humans are blessed with many different friends in life.. Many that have same interest, and many that have very different... many different ages and backgrounds.. and I think that is one of the beauties in life...

I love my close girl friends that seem to have the questions of how far did you run? And to no surprise when I tell them, their response is usually.. "Ugh, Sick." This morning, (or late morning) was the first morning in a while I couldn't wait to get up and run since this ol achilles was bothering me. I ate my yummers ( ;) ) oatmeal, made sure my IPod was charged, put on my fav long spandi's, laced up my shoes, and off I went.

It was cool and brisk, and and being it wasn't incredibly too early, I thought I was having a good run...For me, average mile splits of under 9:00 since getting back is a good run..

When I got to an area of a street which has anywhere from 5-10 local bars on it, I usually don't see a soul along the streets, however today, the weekend of St. Patty's beer crawls... I saw so many people. I got some stares, some muffled comments, but also some high fives... I just laughed none the less.. One couple, standing on the corner with me, both holding a fresh cold green beer asked, "Why are you running?" I proudly said.. "the Ironman's starting gun will fire, if I am ready or not.." and the guy said ... "seriously.. THE Ironman" I smiled, said "Yes... THE IRONMAN....Cheers mate!" and off I went..

Even though at times I feel like I am missing out on some fun social nights by working those long hours, and coming in early for the next days run, it is also fun to see close friends start to get excited with me... for me... because rain, wind, snow, or shine... I as a committed endurance athlete, trying to stick to the plan.. even if I just wanna have fun sometimes!


Cristy DOll said...

I find this blog very true! If you just wanna finish a race its easy to skip workouts, but if you really wanna compete you gotta work hard to earn what your aiming for! Glad you are able to run again! I hope no more injuires slow you down. keep working hard!

Steve Bystrom said...


thanks for all your comments and support on my blog. I'm enjoying yours as well. Our dedication and effort will pay off on 8/30. Your positive attitude comes through in your comments and blog, i'm sure you're a great trainer.

Mary Sunshine said...

Here's the Link to the Tour de Beer pics. You are so photogenic. I hate you. ;-)