Monday, January 5, 2009


From another blog friend:

That piece of paper taped to my cabinet? The one that circled in red... AUGUST 30, 2009. It’s a call to action, a declaration of war. I put it there to remind me of the date every single day… It’s also my personal alarm clock. Every morning, as I’m grabbing my gym bag—it goes off, like a hammer to my brain. My alarm doesn’t have a snooze. It never lets up. It cuts me no slack. Some days, I see it and it gets me jacked. Yeah, I’m gonna do this. This is my destiny. Other days I think, 'What the hell am I doing? I feel like crap.' Either way, I can’t escape it. Every time I see that piece of paper, it stares back at me, calls me out, challenges me. So I just keep grinding forward. Listen, this is how things work. If you want to get something done, you gotta set a goal. Then, write it down--put it in a place you can’t hide from. Every day, look at it and ask yourself, am I farther along than I was yesterday? Am I moving forward? Cuz if you’re not, why did you even set a goal to begin with? My goal is up there, circled in permanent red ink. Every day it greets me, my own personal alarm clock. If I listen closely, I swear I can hear it ticking. Tick… Tick… Tick… Ticking down. Can’t you hear it? It’s freaking thunderous. And it’s winding its way down to 0…"