Thursday, January 22, 2009

12.4 or 14... Either way you look at it...

Today I did 14 miles on the ol' treadmill.. can you believe it... I have been reading a lot of literature, and I like the fact I won't get lost, and I can keep my pace.. yes I know that it is kinda cheating, but my legs still have to move, and they must be getting some benefit from it right? I do have the incline on at least 1.0, if not 1.5, and I am maintaining those 8:20-8:35 min miles.. my slow miles I am thrilled with. There was a point I really had to keep looking down to make sure my legs were still moving.. I couldn't feel them.. it was the oddest, weirdest thing.. right up there with the constant shock I get from my headphones being plugged into the dvd player into the outlet.. :) However, it is how you look at the glass.. half full.. I did over half... 14 is exactly .8 over the 13.2 mark... or half empty.. 12.4 more to go after that :)

Today I set my alarm early.. knowing the days ahead are JAMMMED pack.. I know there are things going to be missed in this journey.. but it is more how can I get one more thing of training in there kind of weekend... Tonight I will meet with the lovely, awesome, incredible people of Girls on the Run for some (++ fingers crossed++ ) networking opportunities as we meet for the appreciation night... tomorrow, I have work, and didn't want to run the 14 the day before the test with Mary Mary on Saturday.. Saturday.. testing with Bruce and Mary, and then I am supposed to go to a meeting with CE, and head up to Dayton.. Then Sunday (awesome that I will be there already) swim clinic with CE, and then come home for some work reffing some vball.

whew.. ya got all that? So I knew I had to do it today.. really went well.. doing okay with my nutriton when I am running, but I won't lie... felt a little.. no a lot queezy for several hours after.. not sure why.. but hopefully it will pass with time...

Exciting though that I am doing this.. I don't know if she will ever read this, but I remember Laurie Davis (Kona Woman Pro.. haha :) our teammate on CE) telling me at Mattoon, that she ran 13 miles that morning.. and I humbly thought.. yeah there is no way.. and then today. bam. I did it. Kinda cool feeling for me personally.

Goals of the next week ahead:
1. Talk up Feb. 8th.. see flyer below.
2. Talk it up more :)
3. Meet with Mercy to see what is the game plan with fundraising on their part, and mine.
4. Finish letters to start getting on board to suprass the $5,000 goal. I have a feeling I can do this, I just have to believe if.
5. Have fun... I WILL be an IRONMAN in less than 300 days.. CRAZY COOL!



Mary Sunshine said...

Hi Jess,

I'm completely flexible on my testing time tomorrow...Bruce may have some bike size considerations with any switches... I'm going to be tested on Bessie!

I do need to see you tomorrow so I hope we have some significant overlap in the lab tomorrow.

14 miles on a treadmill DURING the week is truly amazing. And your pace is SMOKIN fast! Stay healthy!



Kevin Wright said...


I'm sorry to bother you while you were trying to establish a resting heart rate. I was completely oblivious!!!! Anyway, I only made it to 220 watts - and I maxed out at 195 beats per minute. See you on the 8th!