Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh what a day... couple of days for that matter..

Thinking about the past couple of days just makes me smile...
Sunday.. Went down to Louisville with Mary, my mentor, my coach, my freaking amazing kick ass hero. She kicks my butt every time. I knew our goal was to do the IMLOU loop twice like I would on the race day, and I really felt good about it. I was comforted and greeted with a warm sweet potato from her secret stash... oh yes there will be pictures of this... I couldn't stop laughing aside from her little hide-a-way potatoes.. I always remember her saying how she ate tuna and potatoes, and now it is allllll coming clear.

Getting to La Grange loop wasn't bad... it was a cold windy day.. we were hoping the sun would stay out... but oh of course.. it didn't. I will admit, somewhat dorkingly (word of the day I created.. dorkingly... knowing you are a dork and admitting it... dorkingly) that I felt powerful in my IMLOU riding jacket she gave me at Portage last year... I look at it daily to remind me of a goal I have... We started out, and before I knew it, my darn boyfriend was being stubborn and not cooperating with the ride. For whatever reason, my gears would easily shift down in my front ring, but once down, they didn't go back up. Mary and I made the pack that because I couldn't shift around, she would stay in middle ring also.

As we plotted along, it is so amazing that she can teach where everything is...from the water, to the food, to oh yes, there will be a mat at the bottom of this hill before the beautiful Miss Acorn Hill. Throughout the first time I rode this, it was either the matter of the reallly long ride I did the day prior, or just mentality, but this ride felt okay.

I learn something new each day I ride with Mary, like many of us do. Today, it was that she secretly wants to buy a tazer gun, and ZAP me each time I quit pedalling. I don't know why I always do that without thinking. Today I also learned about Pacelines! I hope this to get down soon. Even though there were many times going up those climbs I thought my wheels just weren't going anywhere, her Powertap meter was telling us differently.

As we finished the first loop, we agreed our feet were frozen and 31 miles on a 32 degree day plus wind with no gear changing was enough for the day.

Side to all of this, my obsession show is Biggest Loser. I am fascinated with these people, and truly have a passion for them, especially being in my profession. Today, Jillian said, Pain is Fear leaving the Body. I agree.. Oh yes I agree.. there comes a point, as Mary and I both agree, that when you have a pain, you adjust your thoughts, and freaking get over it if you can. If you can't do anything about it, no use wasting energy thinking you can. Just some food for thought.

I still hope to get at least 2-3 times of swimming in with the guys per week, and today I had a long endurance lifting session with Me, Myself, and I. Amazing actually.

Until next time... stay warm!


Mary Sunshine said...


For me, the best part of Sunday was the chance to chat and listen and laugh during the drive there and back. You keep me young!!

I used all your tips on the circuit and the presentation went really well! THANKS!

I think I have your sunglasses... Hope to see you again very soon!


Judi said...

i wish i could have gone!