Girls on the Run of Cincinnati

Girls on the Run of Greater Cincinnati inspires pre-teen girls to be healthy and confident using a fun curriculum that creatively integrates running. Our goal is to help girls understand the power of their potential by setting a goal and working hard to achieve it. We use exercise, positive reinforcement, and encouraging role models to provide girls with the confidence they need in those critical pre-teen years. Each 75 minute lesson combines running and walking games with various life skills, including lessons on healthy eating, body image, setting goals, cooperation and other age-appropriate topics.

~ Dater Girls, stop to smile before their practice 5k ~
Our 12-week programs meet twice per week for 75 minutes at various locations around the area. At the end of the season, all local girls come together for the Girls on the Run 5k run/walk!
From the Girls on the Run 2012 Spring 5k 

This fall and spring, at schools and community centers across greater Cincinnati, 3rd -8th grade girls are busy learning life lessons and fitness skills that will help them navigate through their challenging pre-teen years and provide the tools and set a solid foundation for a positive teenage life. Encouraging, community-based volunteer role models are leading the lessons and providing the counsel and support that is essential during this critical time in a young girl's life.

Each week, program participants meet for two 75 minute lessons to not only improve their physical fitness level, but also to discuss valuable topics such as achieving goals, adopting healthy eating habits and cooperation At the end of the twelve-week season, all pre-teen girls will come together to participate in their very own 5K event, the Girls on the Run 5K.


Girls on the Run of Greater Cincinnati currently offers "Girls on the Run" programs for 3rd -5th graders, and "Girls on Track" programs for 6th -8th graders.  The curriculum of both programs addresses all aspects of girls' development - their physical, emotional, mental and social and spiritual well-being. All programs encompass the following three concepts:
•  Weeks 1-4: All About Me...Getting to Know Who I Am and What I Stand For!
•  Weeks 5-8: Building My Team...Understanding the Importance of Cooperation
•  Weeks 9-12: Community Begins with Me...Learning About Community and Designing Our Own Community Project
Girls on the Run programs are based on activities with specific functions to enhance the learning process. Each program meeting is structured as follows:
•  The session begins with a getting-on-board and a warm-up activity that brings the girls'
focus onto the day's topic.
•  The warm-up is followed by a stretching routine that allows for a topic-related question
and answer time.
•  Then, during the workout period, the girls participate in a variety of running activities
that utilize a game or a team goal.
•  Afterwards, cool-down stretching is then combined with participant asked and answered
•  Each session closes with positive words from the girls' coach regarding individual and
group behaviors.