About My Journey

Greetings and welcome! THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog and follow me along this wonderful journey to fundraising $50,000 for Girls on the Run of Cincinnati.  Throughout every story I have heard through the years, there is always a punch line, a life lesson if you will, and today I would like to tell you that story..

~ Every journey begins with a single step ~

Throughout my life, I have always been one to step up to a challenge.. I participated in athletics as far back as I can remember, with specific emphasis on volleyball.  I knew this was my special passion, and throughout my high school years at Seton High School in Cincinnati, I always knew I wanted to play in college. I participated in club volleyball playing for Cincy Volleyball Club with some of the best friends a girl could ever ask for. College ball was such a goal, such a far out dream, I knew it was possible if I had a plan I would get there.  I did, and played a wonderful 4 years at Georgetown College.

Though it seems just like yesterday, those days at Georgetown College would teach me what I would love to do.  Network. Collaborate ideas with common interest people. Have fun. Fundraise for special causes. I remember that first summer I was home after graduation.  It had became so much of habbit to train all summer long for my volleyball season that next fall, and in 2005 summer, I didn't have that season to go back to.  I didn't know what I was going to do but I knew somehow it had to be involved in moving my body. That is what felt natural for me.

In 2006, I started to get more into Personal Training at Mercy Health Plex.  A co-worker and lifelong friend, Jason, suggested that I do this little thing called a triathlon with him at Morgan's.  I didn't know what that meant, but he informed me it was a mile canoe, a 18 mile bike, and a 6 mile run.  I thought I could handle that and I would be able to borrow his cool road bike while I trained.  We spent a couple hours on those rowing machines, and more time trying to get me out riding his bike and feeling comfortable.  I remember when 10 miles was such a huge accomplishment!  Race day came, and although there were trials and tribulations, I knew I was hooked onto a new adventure.

I really had wanted to jump right into this, and I had no idea where to start... A client, and now wonderful friend Angie suggested that I try a swimming triathlon. She and a friend had participated in Chicago's triathlon a year before, and she was determined "if I could do it, you could do it" she had said. I didn't know what I was getting into, but I looked into it and I signed up for a year down the road August in 2008.  Jason and I went to buy my first road bike, Boyfriend is what I named him, and I was on my way.  Learning how to swim again was a challenge as I joined friends as many times as I could in the pool.  I had many falls off the bike learning clips but I kept with it through frustrations.  Running was just something that could always come a little more comfortably than the other two parts of the sport.  I literally googled, "Cincinnati Triathlete, Cincinnati Triathlon, Cincy Tri " to find anyone that might be in the area that would be doing the same thing. Upon my happy findings, Cincy Express Multisport was just what I was looking for.

This incredible group of people welcomed me with no hesitation of any of my lack of skill, they smiled, laugh and even peer influenced me to sign up for a couple of races before Chicago. If you go back quite some time on this blog, you can find some funny stories from those early days...

Accenture Chicago Triathlon, 2008
I completed, and I thought, what can I do next... when is the next race?  I had befriend an incredible motivational woman, Mary during training and I knew watching her compete in the Ironman Louisville as I volunteered all day I wanted to try that next..
Volunteering ~ my first experience with Ironman Louisville in 2008.
 There was no hesitation that I would want to do this for a charity. A client of mine asked me to be her daughter's running buddy for her Girls on the Run 5k.  I had no idea what that meant or who Girls on the Run were but I didn't blink an eye before I said yes.  She happened to be sick that day, but I went down to volunteer anyway.  I was the queen face painter.. I tried to do my best and draw these different pictures on these beautiful young girls faces, but I had no idea what I was doing... I met one girl who touched my heart as she frighteningly admitted she didn't know if she could do the whole 5k.  I had a small little girl inside me that knew I had a connection with this girl... I told her she has the ability and the confidence to do this wonderful race, and I teared up watching her finish.. I knew that this was my new love, these girls, this mission, this organization of Girls on the Run.

My first time Volunteering as a face-painter at the Girls on the Run 5k, Fall 2008.
I have always love doing anything with a greater purpose and that first year I set out to raise $5,000 for Girls on the Run.  I had some spin-a-thons, that year for 2 hours, and a purse party, and set out some letters.  My total efforts were just at $10,000 and I finished my first Ironman in Louisville, Kentucky!
Ironman Louisville, 2009 !
Like anyone doing their first Ironman, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you there were ups and downs, and may times I would have promised to never do it again, never ever would I do something so crazy, but sure enough, that wore off, and two years later, after volunteering again, I signed up for Ironman Louisville in 2011.  I knew I wanted to try to double my goal of fundraising, go big or go home I thought, and I set out to raise $20,000!  If I did that, I would wear a crazy hot pink tutu during the marathon... with lots of different ideas, and great support from my community.. I did that, my tutu was a hit :)

Ironman Louisville, 2011.

Deep down, some of us hear that little voice that screams out MORE.. can you do more? I knew that answer before long, I would be sitting down to brainstorm my next fundraising goal -  my next big step..

I took a deep breath, and thought this is the perfect time to go for this Journey to raise $50,000 for the Girls on the Run after signing up for Ironman Wisconsin 2013.   I have thought about the how's and then when's and thought about some different events I can have, and more importantly starting to make the connections now on how to get there.  Dollar by dollar, I am excited to take on this opportunity to make a wonderful impact for so many wonderful girls.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of a new way to get there, but thankfully, I have started some things right.  I have redesigned this blog, and really started to push different events more than before, such as the indoor triathlon, and the 8 hour spin challenge!   
I am $50,000 for Girls on the Run of Cincinnati!
 There was a person who once told me I couldn't do this, that there is no way, no how, and I must be out of my mind is exactly what they said.  I wasn't hurt by these comments, but more so filled with some excited energy to get things going in the positive direction.. 

I strongly suggest you to check in, and check in often, and recommend, comment and send feedback. Share with your friends and family, and I thank you for your support as I aim to raise $50,000 for Girls on the Run!